Megger PAT450 Calibration Instruments
  • Megger PAT450 Calibration Instruments

Megger PAT450


Portable Appliance Tester with Color VGA Display and On-Board Memory, 200mA/10A/25A Testing



The Megger PAT450-US (1000-956) Portable Appliance Tester is designed to test portable electrical equipment for safe operation. It has a memory capacity for storing up to 10,000 test results, and also 10 A and 25 A earth bond testing. The unit also includes 1.5 kV and 3 kV flash testing, ideal for tool rental outlets and service workshops where flash testing is routine. It has a high duty cycle, with the design tailored to fast testing, easy operation, and all-day use.

The PAT450-US features a unique restart, so that when moving the tester from one room to another, it restarts instantly from the same menu where it was unplugged. This is a significant timesaver, allowing more tests per day.

USB communication provides convenient download to a standard USB memory stick. An on-board 10,000 record memory provides interruption-free testing for improved efficiency, with a large QWERTY keypad for fast data entry. The instrument is capable of working with standard barcode scanners and a thermal transfer barcode label printer operating directly from the USB port. Thermal transfer labels are highly resistant, stable and easily available.

Five soft-keys give direct access to frequently-used functions, accelerating navigation through menus and increasing productivity. Both standard and customer configurable test groups are available for fast, flexible asset testing.

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