Digi-Sense WD-36225 Calibration Instruments
  • Digi-Sense WD-36225 Calibration Instruments

Digi-Sense WD-36225


Type J Benchtop Dual-Zone Temperature Controller, 120V/15A, 1/32 DIN Size



The Digi-Sense 36225 is designed for controlling two independent temperature processes and features modern control technology that produces greater temperature stability. The space saving design combines two controllers into one unit to maximize bench space. Each unit displays both the setpoint and process temperature. Auto-tune minimizes setpoint overshoot and feature the ablity to learns your process producing greater stability. The controller also features an audible alarm function, and two panel mounted receptacles that accept three-prong plugs. The 36225-71 has a type J thermocouple input with a range of -328 to 2192° F. This unit comes with a lattice support bracket, which is ideal for mounting to maximize space.

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