AEMC 1950 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1950 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1950 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1950 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1950 Calibration Instruments

AEMC 1950


9 Hz/80x80, Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera (-4 to 482°F)



The AEMC 1950 Thermal Imaging Infrared (IR) Camera is a simple-to-use "focus free" instrument that features a 20° x 20° field of view. The camera can be used as a real-time viewer for detecting hot spots and other thermal anomalies. Thermal images (also known as thermograms) can be recorded and stored on the instrument. You can also add audio comments and measurement data (provided by a compatible clamp-on meter or multimeter) to the stored image files. The instrument features Bluetooth technology for connecting to electrical measurement instruments and a headphone for recording narration. You can download stored thermograms to a computer running CAmReport software for image processing, analysis, and report generation.

Real-Time Thermal Inspection

The 1950 features a 20°x 20° field of view, allowing you to inspect a wide area in real-time. You can toggle between displaying a thermogram or digital image. The camera can quickly identify hot and cold spots, display the temperature of a selected point, show the minimum, maximum and average temperatures within a selected screen area, display temperature profile, and selectively show all the points.

Thermal Imaging

The 1950 captures thermal images, called thermograms, which you can save and store in the instrument. You can then add audio narration to each image, as well as measurement data provided by a clamp-on meter or multimeter (connected to the camera via Bluetooth. Thermograms can be downloaded from the instrument to a computer for processing, analysis, and report generation using the provided CAmReport software.

Advanced User Interface

The instrument features quick and easy setup via a robust and intuitive user interface. The interface also allows you to customize colors to highlight thermal data of particular interest. Setup files can be saved and recalled for configuring the instrument for specific applications and environments.

Display and Menu Contents

A comprehensive set of easy access menus are available on screen. You can use the function and navigation keys to easily configure the camera for your specific needs. Trigger functions can be programmed, color palettes can be selected, cursor tools can be configured as well as environmental conditions including ambient temperature and humidity, distance and emissivity.

Selectable Cursor Tools

User programmable cursors provide a comprehensive set of options for evaluating thermal profiles. Identify a single point (user selectable) to automatically detect minimum, maximum and mean temperatures of a selected area or the entire image.

CAmReport: The Software for Analyzing Thermograms

  • Transfer measurements from camera to software via USB cable, wireless Bluetooth, or transportable SD card
  • Drag-and-drop measurement images from storage directory to analysis window in software
  • Includes thermal and real images automatically
  • Superimpose thermal images over real images for better visual analytical results
  • Locate Min/Max and mean temperatures of image or an area of image
  • User selectable color palette from seven different types
  • Summary table automatically displays environmental parameters and statistical results of measurements
  • Include dictated audio comments in report
  • Multiple analytical tools for assessing thermal images
  • Manually enter measurement analysis findings, site characteristics and operator information into reports
  • Add graphics (such as logos) to reports
  • Correct measurement results using built-in or user configured emissivity tables
  • Include multiple measurements in any report
  • Save reports as Word or PDF document
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