AEMC 1954 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1954 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 1954 Calibration Instruments

AEMC 1954


Thermal Imaging IR Camera, 38° x 28° Field of View, 9 Hz



Real-time thermal inspection

The AEMC 1954 (2121.41) features a 28°x 38° field of view, allowing you to inspect a wide area in real-time. You can toggle between displaying a thermogram or digital image. The camera can quickly identify hot and cold spots, display the temperature of a selected point, show the minimum, maximum and mean temperatures within a selected screen area, display temperature profile, and selectively show all the points with the same selected temperature range.

Thermal imaging

The Model 1954 can capture thermal images, called thermograms with 120x160 resolution, and save them on the instrument. You can then add audio narration to each image, as well as real-time measurement data provided by a clamp-on meter or multimeter connected to the camera via Bluetooth. Thermograms can be downloaded from the instrument to a computer for processing, analysis and report generation using the provided CAmReport software.

Advanced user interface

The instrument features quick and easy setup via a robust and intuitive user interface. The interface also allows you to customize colors to highlight thermal data of particular interest. Setup files can be saved and recalled for configuring the instrument for specific applications and environments

Easy maintenance

The Model 1954 runs on AA rechargeable or Alkaline batteries, providing up to 9 hours of continuous operation between recharges/replacements. The instrument is easily cleaned with common materials and is rugged enough to withstand an accidental 6 foot drop on any of its surfaces.

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