FLIR E54 Calibration Instruments
  • FLIR E54 Calibration Instruments
  • FLIR E54 Calibration Instruments



Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with Thermal Studio Pro Software, 320 x 240



Building Applications

The FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with Thermal Studio Pro Software, 320 x 240 can detect even subtle indications of building deficiencies and moisture intrusion, and offers on-screen area measurement, so that you can easily quantify and document air leaks, moisture, and other building problems.

Work Safer

Your job can take you up ladders and into crawl-spaces, so you need tools that can be used one-handed and worry-free. FLIR designed E54 to be tough enough to use every day, with simplified buttons and intuitive screens that allow you to focus on your work, instead of on the camera controls.

Work Smarter

The E54 produces standard radiometric JPEGs that can be opened and viewed without proprietary software. Image files produced by the E54 are supported by FLIR's Software Development Kit (ATLAS SDK), so that companies can use their own software and still support thermal measurement read-outs, METERLiNK data, and other important parameters embedded within the image; embedded current and voltage measurements are also accessible.

Electrical and Mechanical Applications

The FLIR E54 offers the superior resolution and range performance needed to quickly identify hot spots and discover potential points of failure in electrical distribution and mechanical systems. With up to E54 pixel resolution and a larger, more vibrant LCD screen, the E54 makes it easier than ever to diagnose problems, even at a distance. Avoid costly shutdowns and lost production time through regular predictive maintenance routines with this rugged, intuitive camera.

FLIR AutoCal Lenses

The E54 camera is compatible with all of FLIR's interchangeable AutoCal lenses. The camera automatically recognizes when a new lens is attached and launches a wizard to begin auto-calibrating the camera with the lens-no need to send the camera in for service. This helps ensure that the camera will always produce high-quality images and precise thermal measurements.

The Exx-Series and FLIR Thermal Studio PRO

Empowered with Reporting Solutions to Streamline Inspection

The E54 camera comes with FLIR's exclusive Inspection Route Camera Option automatically enabled in the camera.

Designed for thermographers who regularly inspect large numbers of objects over the course of a day, FLIR Inspection Route guides the user along a pre-defined route of inspection points so that they can collect images and data in a structured manner.

The route begins in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro software, where users build their plan using the Route Creator plugin. They can include as many inspection targets as needed and organize them for maximum efficiency. Once they export the completed route to the E54 camera, they are ready to begin the day.

The predefined route guides the user's on-site movement to each inspection asset, automatically collecting and organizing saved images for a seamless import into FLIR Thermal Studio Pro. By ensuring that nothing is missed and that all inspection results are organized from the start, the suite of FLIR inspection software speeds up inspections, improves organization, and simplifies reporting.

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